MORTIR KAL. 81 MM ( MO-3 )

The 81 mm mortar is a simple, mobile,light weapon able to engagetargets with rapid precise fire it can be used in any type of terrain, ynder all weather conditions and employed in any infantry

Caliber 81 mm
Bore diameter 81,4 mm
Barrel assembly length 1560 mm SB
Bipod assembly length (folded) 960 mm
Bipod assembly Weight-Split barrel 20,9 mm
Bipod assembly weight 14 kg
Base plat weight 12,5 kg
Sight instrument accurancy 1 mil
Sight instrument weight 1,55 kg
Sight instrument case weight 2.9 kg
Max. working pressure (piezo) 1050 kg/cm
Weight of complete mortar 49 kg
Elevation Range (degree) 45-85
Range Max. 6500 m

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