Self Defense - Flashlight Stun Gun/Alarm - 200,000 Volt

Never be without self-defense with these Multi-Purpose Flashlights! Stun gun, alarm, and flashlight all in one unit. Great protection device you can keep in your car. Whether you get stranded on the side of the road, in a parking lot, or anywhere while in your vehicle, you need this stun flashlight.

On a dark night this is a great device for personal protection in all aspects - it's a flashlight, a personal alarm, and a stun gun - all in one. Fool a potential attacker - he'd think you are just holding a plain old flashlight! Keep it in the trunk, or readily available underneath the seat!

200,000 Volts
16.5 Long
130 db Alarm
Requires three 9-Volt Energizer Batteries
Body is made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Comes with Attachable Red Cone for Signaling or Danger Warning

Source : http://www.spyassociates.com